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Professional hearing healthcare involves more than just selling you a hearing aid. We see each of our clients as an individual with unique needs and preferences, so we personalize your hearing care around you.

Learn more about our state of the art clinic with an array of advanced audiological equipment at Delbrook Plaza, Vancouver – ensuring that our award-winning hearing care is now available to everybody, regardless of where you are in your hearing journey.

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Key Services

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

Simple, Non-Invasive Yet Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

Although a hearing evaluation is a relatively simple examination, it can be incredibly uncomfortable or distressing if you or a loved one have any form of mobility or communication challenges.

With traditional hearing testing requiring you to enter a sound-booth, promptly respond to beeps/sounds and answer an array of questions – it alienates a lot of people that typically struggle with these types of situations.

With our in-clinic and mobile services, we’re able to work around the needs of the client to accurately assess your/their hearing without many of the common challenges. All of the equipment is brought with us, and we’re able to cliently work with you/them.

Prescription Hearing Aid Technology

Access to Advanced Hearing Technology to Suit Your Circumstances

Although many people still believe that hearing aids are the large clunky devices that many of us remember from decades ago, today’s technology is small, discreet yet incredibly powerful.

With features such as Bluetooth connectivity for effortlessly streaming music, audio and the television, to rechargeable batteries that allow you to charge your hearing aids in the same way that you charge your smart phone – they no longer just amplify your hearing, but amplify your life.

With partnerships with all major manufacturers, we’re able to help you or your loved ones to select the appropriate technology based on your unique circumstances, needs and budget.

Assistive Hearing Technology

Enhance Your Ability to Communicate

Hearing aids provide one of the best solutions to help individuals with a hearing loss continue to go on with their daily life.

That being said Hear at Home recognizes that you will need more then hearing aids to enjoy a better hearing experience and richer quality of life.

In addition to selling, fitting hearing aids, and providing ongoing support. We also provide assistive hearing technology to boost your ability to communicate in public and private settings by filling in the gaps for hearing aid users.

Hearing Aid Repair

Extend the life of your device & improve its performance

If you are dealing with a poorly performing hearing aid or a broken hearing aid, you may be tempted to toss it into your junk drawer along with your other malfunctioning electronic gadgets.Hear at Home wants to make sure that you continue to receive all of the benefits of your hearing aids to improve your hearing as well as the protection they provide against other negative mental and physical health conditions.

Patient Stories

No matter what happens in the world, these people remain the centre of ours.


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Schedule a Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

Getting the right device to meet your unique hearing needs is a critical element in better hearing. Before choosing the device that is best suited for addressing your needs, you need a professional, comprehensive hearing assessment.

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